The inspiration behind our brand name

Chrysanthemums (/krɪˈsænθəməm/), sometimes called mums or chrysanths[4], are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. Most species originate from East Asia and the center of diversity is in China.[5] Countless horticultural varieties and cultivars exist.

The name “chrysanthemum” is derived from the Ancient Greek: χρυσός chrysos (gold) and Ancient Greek: ἄνθεμον anthemon (flower).[6][7]


Our mission is to be a reliable remote partner for SMEs and potentially large companies, build a relationship with you that is long-lasting and mutually beneficial trough agile methodologies, optimized to maximize learning opportunities and reduce time to market.

Our core values are good vibes, achieving technological excellence, operating with the highest standards of integrity and hunger for knowledge and self-improvement

Youssef Selkani